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MCF upholds a rich tradition of undertaking sensitive yet transformational interventions in historic buildings and sites, spanning from esteemed National Historic Landmarks to cherished "signature" campus edifices. Our approach involves an in-depth understanding of each building's history, encompassing its original construction, subsequent modifications, and evolving uses over time. By gathering comprehensive information, we honor the building's past while looking towards a future that preserves its significance.

We recognize that intervening in historically significant buildings demands a delicate balance between reverence for the past and a forward-looking vision. Our interventions blend the essence of the building's heritage with contemporary aspirations, ensuring a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. With profound respect for the building's historical context, we breathe new life into these treasured structures, allowing them to evolve purposefully while remaining rooted in their storied past.

Wilkinsburg Train Station


The Wilkinsburg Train Station scope of work includes the renovation of the two story train station, consisting of approximately 9,000 square feet of space. As a Historic Registered Landmark, the building is being restored within historically appropriate building guidelines. MCF initiated the work with a hand survey of the existing building and continued forward with a laser scan of the building and a topographical survey of the site.

TYPE  Restoration


SIZE  9,000 sqft.



Historic Restoration of Building Envelope
Historic Registered Landmark
Study of Rainwater Runoff
Authentic Plaster Detailing
Designation and Design of Parking Areas

Preservation Projects

Bentley Hall

Allegheny College

Originally constructed between 1820 and 1836, Bentley Hall is the signature structure on the Allegheny College campus and is one of the most significant historic academic buildings in Western Pennsylvania. While several minor renovations in recent years have updated portions of the building to modern standards and addressed deferred maintenance; the building has not undergone a substantial renovation since the 1920's.The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and all of MCF's work will be completed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. 

TYPE  Restoration


SIZE  9,593 sqft.



National Register of Historic Places

Geothermal heating/cooling

Sensitive insertion of MEP systems

Detailed Exterior Masonry Treatment

President's House Admission Center

Western Reserve Academy

The President’s House is the oldest building on the campus of the Western Reserve Academy and is listed on the National Parks Service - Register of Historic Places.  In 2016, MCF was hired to renovate, restore and adapt the residence into a new home for the Admissions Office.

TYPE  Renovation


SIZE  9,000 sqft.



National Register of Historic Places
Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems
Two Duplex Apartments
Interconnected Offices
ADA Entrances