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INSPIRE Speaker Series : 03 Energy & Conservation in Context

Join MCF Architecture & Innovation Mentor, Dr. Greg Powers, to learn about the energy revolution, conservation & storage.

What is Energy? How is it stored, moved and conserved?

We are surrounded by names that we see or hear every day and never think about where they came from. Join MCF Architecture and Innovation Mentor, Dr. Greg Powers, to learn and discuss the energy revolution, and the creative ideas that could propel us into a future circular economy.

Imagine newer and better ways to live sustainably.

A Sustainable Paradigm Shift

Making Energy: Lots of people know of solar and wind, but there are many other ways we can make energy without hydrocarbons, including ocean waves, fuel cells, geothermal and others!

Storing Energy: We all know about batteries….but what about other storage modes? Spinning energy, magnetic energy, chemical energy such as hydrogen and others.

Moving Energy: Electrons are the mode of moving non-hydrocarbon energy we all know the best, but many new ideas are being developed including moving energy in solid form!

Conserving Energy: New types of insulation, CO2 capture, Carbon upgrading.


About Dr. Greg Powers:

As Vice-President of Halliburton Global Innovation, Dr. Greg Powers leads the Company’s efforts in building a sustainable network to identify and acquire new technologies from sources outside the oil and gas industry. Dr. Powers continually drives a renewed focus on innovation, and has been instrumental in positioning Halliburton as a leader in awarded patents. Dr. Powers holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, and a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

This program will be hosted via Zoom. You will receive additional details upon registration.


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