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North Hall

Antioch College

North Hall is one of the three original buildings on the Antioch campus; and was originally constructed in 1853 as a residence hall. The existing building will be renovated such that following renovation it will house 101 residents in 48 double occupancy rooms (96 beds), 4 single occupancy resident advisor rooms and one apartment.

In addition to the residence portion of the building, North Hall also includes a commercial-style kitchen capable of preparing meals for the building's residents and a dining area with seating for up to 80. Antioch operates a food co-op and the new kitchen facility allows for students to prepare food for their colleagues and themselves in a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining area.

Antioch College has a long-term; overall goal of creating a carbon neutral campus. This project has received a LEED Gold Certification. It is currently the oldest certified building in the country. North Hall will also help to meet the educational goals of the college through the use of a central energy use display and other additional features.


Yellow Springs, OH

Project Title



28,223 sqft.



96 beds

Historic Building

Commercial Kitchen


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