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Litchfield Towers Dining

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh’s Litchfield Towers Dining facility’s $10.5 million renovation transformed a traditional cafeteria (built in 1961) into a space incorporating the latest dining concepts, and provides a facility that enhances the student social/housing experience. The facility is roughly the same area as a football field. Before renovation, 5,600 meals were served daily. After renovation, this same space served 6,800 meals daily. Recognizing that students prefer food variety, “made to order” meals and display cooking were incorporated into the design. Meals are prepared in the dining room at eight restaurant stations rather than in a central kitchen. Constructed within the summer schedule, the 58,695 square-foot facility has not only increased volume, but the dining facility has become a social hub for the campus.


Pittsburgh, PA

Project Title



56,695 sqft.


6,800 Meals Served Daily

Latest Dining Concepts

“Made to Order” Design

Social Hub

Eight Restaurant Stations

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