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Our vision centers around evidence-informed design, which aims to create wellness spaces that significantly enhance patient experiences and ultimately lead to improved outcomes.

Our process is characterized by active engagement with stakeholders, seamless integration of programmatic-based design principles, and fostering collaborative efforts to optimize healing environments. The MCF Healthcare studio offers an extensive array of services encompassing medical campus site planning, programming, branding solutions, as well as architectural, interior design, and graphics expertise. We firmly believe that wellness and healing spaces can complement each other harmoniously. From acute and sub-acute care to ambulatory clinics, academic teaching spaces, and senior living campuses, we possess comprehensive expertise across the spectrum. With our Studio Principals and leaders having spearheaded the design of hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and senior living environments throughout western Pennsylvania and beyond, we are well-equipped to meet diverse and region-specific challenges.

HC Projects

Lobby Design

Forbes Hospital

The  new  Addition modern double-height lobby provides a retail-like concourse to improve the customer experience and perception of the AHN brand at Forbes.  The mezzanine provides improved security, way-showing and access from the POB and pedestrian bridge.  The fully-glazed 3-story stair tower provides views inside and outside, an abundance of daylighting to all levels, and convenient public access to the lower lobby level with its ‘Reflection/Healing’ biophilic focal interest. The design meets goals for: improved cross-campus integration, incorporation of the pedestrian bridge into the main lobby, orientation to provide connection between the two main lobbies, improved access to new and existing amenities and ancillary services and facilitates planned future growth.

Heliport Relocation

UPMC Mercy Hospital

The UPMC Mercy Hospital Helipad project is a new construction initiative relocating the hospital’s existing helipad to the roof of the facility. The project was prompted by adjacent new construction projected to limit the helicopter approach paths when complete. The new location involves the construction of a new roof top helipad and new building containing reception, decontamination, and control services. The existing hospital will also undergo interior work to supplement the project including the extension of two elevator shafts, relocation of a stair, and integration of structural connections and MEP services.


2022 Project Finalist - MBA Building Excellence Awards  

Cystoscopy Lab

Allegheny General Hospital

The Cystoscopy Room was in need of a new digital imaging system. The current Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing system in the room was updated for code compliance. Other major updates include the emergency power,  a nurse call, new exhaust air flow & air pressure in the clean room, and new surgical light . The floor structure was reinforced to support the new table. The completion of the project provided code compliant and appropriate room setting for the new digital imaging system’s operation. All Interior finishes were updated as well.