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Performing Arts


Our core principle when creating artistic surroundings is to open the imagination of all involved to express artistic freedom and convert thoughts into a creative space. We are inspired by our client’s originality and want to display their abilities in facilities that harness their talents.

Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

In 1971, the former Loew’s Penn Movie Palace was renovated to become the home of the world renowned Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, as well as a venue for opera, ballet, and traveling performances.  Under the leadership and vision of Jack Heinz, the 2,750-seat theater became the catalyst for the nationally recognized Pittsburgh Cultural District.  MCF has worked with the hall for over 45 years to provide updates to the facility, including an orchestra pit, support facilities, orchestra shell, renovated lobbies and restrooms, stage rigging and sound systems. Heinz hall is known throughout the world as an amazing symphonic music venue.

TYPE  Renovation


SIZE  +125,000 sqft.



2,750 seats
Grand Lobby
World Class Acoustics 
Garden Plaza

Benedum Center

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

The 2800-seat auditorium, lobby and restroom spaces were all authentically restored, including special new carpets and wall coverings to duplicate the original designs.  Plaster ornamentation, murals, paint colors, and aluminum leaf were all restored to their original glory. To ensure the finest acoustics, a new wooden proscenium was installed within the existing plaster arch that includes sound reflectors, accessible catwalks, and lighting positions.  A new nine-story addition expanded the stage to 114 feet by 86 feet, making it the largest column free stage in the country.  The addition also included dressing rooms, two major rehearsal spaces, office space, and a fully accessible orchestra pit.

TYPE  Restoration


SIZE  225,000 sqft.



2,800-Seat Auditorium
Enhanced Acoustics
Flexible Staging
Rehearsal Spaces
Multi-Purpose Performance Space
Orchestra Pit
Historic Restoration
3rd Largest Stage House In the Country